Finding the right moving company is about much more than finding the lowest possible moving costs.

Finding good movers can make your relocation seamless and stress free, while a bad company can leave you with hidden fees, damaged or missing property, and a delayed move.

Below are a few tips to keep in mind to make your next move as easy as possible, so you can focus on enjoying your new home.

Ask your friends

It’s very likely that someone you know has used professional movers for a move some time in the past, and can share their personal experience with you. Searching online can lead you to many highly rated businesses, but it is possible that your friend has had a bad experience with them which you can avoid. This is also a great way to find a great company that is simply lacking a string digital presence, so lean on your friends for the information you can’t find online.

Good reviews

After gathering a few options, you can go online and check out what others are saying about the companies. People will usually post reviews if they’ve had an amazing, or very bad experience, so this is a good chance to find some gems, while learning which companies you should definitely stay away from

Proven history

Newer moving companies are popping up all the time, offering new services or lower prices to help stand out. While these new companies may be eager to prove themselves, established businesses which have been around for years already are sure to be doing something right.Having several years in the industry also means there’s been time for reviews to pile up, so you can get a very clear idea of what to expect before getting in touch with them.

Licensure and insurance

It’s a safe bet to always verify the company you’re trusting with your move is properly licensed and insured, meaning they are legally bound to follow regulations and protect your belongings.

Upfront Rates

You will generally be charged hourly for each mover the company sends to help you. Any additional service fees will then be added to your base rate, such as equipment rentals or packing supplies. This means the rate they give you won’t be finalized until you’ve wrapped up moving. The company should still be forthcoming about each of these fees, and be able to give you a clear expectation of how much they will be charging.

The right fit for you

Each move, just like each home, is different. Take the time to think about what is unique about your move, and ensure the company is able to accommodate this. For example, are you moving into a downtown condo tower with limited street parking, and they will need to bring a smaller truck? Or are you moving a few hours from the city they are based in? Whatever the case, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them and ask if they can accommodate.

Some things you can ask:

Beware the fraudsters

Always verify the company credentials, and their physical address, before hiring them. Also beware of companies taking deposits, especially when they are asking for a lot.

If anything else raises your suspicions then seek other options. Always ensure you’re choosing someone who can provide you safe, reliable, and high quality service.

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