• We're sharing our team of purchasing experts who we use when buying a home. They are the best in their field.
  • We’re sharing with you an easy-to-follow, Step By Step guide on how to buy a home.
  • We’re sharing all the information on every aspect of buying a home so that you can get it all in one place.

Save You Money

  • We’ll pay you $250 to do a survey on our vetted and trusted Mortgage Broker who we also use for purchasing homes.
  • We’ll pay you $250 to do a survey on our vetted and trusted Realtor who we also use for purchasing homes.
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  • Our purchasing team of lawyers, movers, and home inspectors will offer you the same discount of between 10% and 15% that we receive from them.


  • If you provide us with a survey of both our Mortgage Broker and Realtor, besides the $500 we’ll pay you, we’ll make a $100 donation to your local food bank in your name.

About Us

Our Canada-wide real estate investing group purchases homes daily as investment properties.  Because of this, we need to use the best and most cost-effective professional team to guarantee that our purchase goes according to plan and on budget to ensure a great investment. 

I personally live in Alberta and have great relationships with our purchasing teams all over the province. Before we even consider hiring a realtor, mortgage broker, lawyer or home inspector - I personally interview them, speak with referrals, research their experience and make sure their prices are competitive. 

I’ve hired dozens of these professionals over the many years and can say with confidence – we absolutely have the best team out there. 

Buying a house can seem very daunting if it’s your first time buying a home or your fourth. To help you navigate these foreign waters, we’re here to give you the tools to help you with the home buying process.

To be completely honest you don’t need to be an expert on buying a home if you have the right team.

If you have a good realtor, mortgage broker, real estate lawyer, and home inspector, they will handle all the heavy lifting and give you peace of mind. This team knows their job inside-out and backwards. Not only will you have an expert in each of their respective fields- they will also guide you through the process to make it a stellar experience.

BUT for all the beautiful people out there who like to know how things work, all the relevant information on buying a home is shared on this website.

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